Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who selects the furniture for the Golf Villa?
A. The Developer will supply a basic package including furniture, curtains, linen and kitchenware. Extra luxury options will be available closer to the occupation date.

Q. When will I know who the other shareholders are?
A. Once the final subscription agreement and MOI is signed, shareholder information will be shared.

Q. How many Pearl Valley Golf Memberships are included in the Golf Villa?
A. 4 x Full Pearl Valley Golf Memberships are included in each Golf Villa / Private Company.
i.e. 4 x shareholders (whilst staying in the Golf Villa) can play golf at any time and use all Val de Vie Estate and Pearl Valley Clubhouse facilities.

Q. What golf benefits are included with the Golf Villa?
A. Shareholders can enjoy all the Full Golf Membership benefits available (whilst staying in the Golf Villa).

Q. How will the weekly allocations be managed between shareholders?
A. The appointed managing agent of the Private Company will manage both the Company and the Golf Villa affairs. There will be a roster for shareholders using the Golf Villa.

Q. When will the Pearl Valley Golf Villas be ready for occupation?
A. The Golf Villas will be ready for occupation between the 1st and 2nd Quarter of 2022.

Q. May a shareholder rent out their unit and how does the process work?
A. The Golf Villa can be rented out on a long-term basis through Val de Vie Properties or on a short-term basis (less than 30 days) through the Pearl Valley Hotel by Mantis.

Q. May a shareholder select which Golf Villa to invest in (unit specific)?
A. If a buyer buys the entire Golf Villa (100% of the Private Company), they can choose a specific Villa from the available Golf Villas. Alternatively, the Developer will allocate the Golf Villas to the Private Companies.

Q. How often is the Golf Villa serviced and what is included in the service?
A. 4 x General cleans per month plus 2 x deep cleans per month.

Q. What is included in the levy?
A. 4 x General cleans per month
2x Deep cleans per month
General property maintenance
Golf cart maintenance
Pool services
Garden services
Wifi internet connection
Rates and taxes
Estate levy
4 x Full Pearl Valley Golf memberships (applicable only when staying in the Villa)
4 x Annual fully pre-paid golf packages (applicable only when staying in the Villa)
Management Fee and Annual Financial statements and compliance

Q. How does a shareholder sell their share?
A. The MOI will provide a mechanism to sell a shareholder’s share.